Monday, December 19, 2016

Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....

Hey y'all--

6 days till Christmas. I'm not so sure how that has happened.. Where did 2016 go? I mean wasn't it just 2011 and I was welcoming a almost 7 lb baby boy into this world?!? Time sure does fly when you're having fun!!!

This Christmas season has really hit me hard. Every year I wonder why I spend so much money when  the true meaning of Christmas can't be bought at a store. I'm all for a big Christmas.. I wish I didn't have to stress over a big Christmas.. but then I remember I'm way to blessed to be stressed!!! I found this article on Pinterest with this picture..

Why? Why do I buy my kids so many toys when we already don't have the storage for them!! THIS -- I'm all about this and I'm already preparing myself for Christmas 2017

I love that it touches separate parts of what the kiddos could want and need and more. I wish I would have stumbled on this sooner!!!

So if you too are looking for a way to still make Christmas magical but not put a huge dent in the pocket book this is for you!!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

3 MUST HAVE Apps on your smart phone!

Hey guys,

If you are like me your smart phone is a big part of your life. My phone I wouldn't so harshly say is my life line but it does help me with a majority of my day to day. We all know I LOVE to take pictures of my kiddos!! After all its all for the CHATBOOKS right?! If you haven't checked out Chatbooks you are missing out!!!


What is Chatbooks?? -- It's an app that connects with Instagram and your photo stream that you can upload your pictures to and they send you a BOOK and a really nice one at that of the pictures you uploaded. It's $8 a month and pretty much the best investment EVER!!!


Better known as the APP that rewards you for shopping! -- I mean y'all you get kicks ( money back) for walking into a store! You don't even have to purchase anything just walk into the store and out. If your going to the store anyways get that cell phone out and earn your kicks! They also give kicks for scanning certain items. They will show you what you need to scan and you can earn the kicks that easy! Other ways to earn kicks are using your credit card for certain purchases and uploading your receipt on certain purchases! Don't worry the app explains it all!! You MUST download it!! NOW!


Ibotta-- Oh how I love Ibotta!!! Do you buy bananas each week? I do.. and I get $.25 back pretty much every time I buy them!! -- You unlock the deals you want.. you shop and then you upload your receipt and BAM within 48 hours your rewards are uploaded to your app!! After you've earned $20 you can cash out! Check, gift cards to various places, you name it!!! So cool right?!?!?

Well thanks for taking a peek into my daily on my smart phone!! Hope these apps can help y'all save money and create some life long memories of your own <3

Much Love,

Willeby Family

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meal Planning-- 101!

Hey y'all,

So lets be real.. we all get into ruts where it's so much easier to go grab something to eat out. I know I get like that but every time I regret it after I see what it does to our bank account.. Point Blank.. eating out is so expensive. I've ALWAYS loved to cook but my love for cooking really grew when I started to meal plan and explore new things to cook. -- and it helps that my sweet hubby gets off at 2 pm everyday now :) Yes, I said 2 p.m. Ya'll we have NEVER had dinners together all week like we get to now.. in the 9 years we've been together and the 5 years we have been parents together. I'm still adjusting ;) Best adjustment ever!!!

So here are some tips on how I meal plan :)

1: WRITE IT DOWN! -- I bought a calendar on Amazon that I absolutely love! I love writing what I'm going to make for the whole week on this calendar.. Best part.. its magnetic and it fits perfectly on the front of my fridge.

2. I plan around what I have existing in my fridge, freezer and pantry. -- meats, pastas, canned goods whatever it may be... I do run into times when I have to make bigger grocery trips to get the staple items stocked back up in my pantry.

3. Plan it and stick to it. This was the biggest thing I had to overcome.. Sure it sounded good and looked good written down but I wasn't planning properly so I wouldn't have all the ingredients I needed or I was to "tired" to cook and would order out or go grab a $5 hot-n-ready! BAD! So bad.. there is nothing like a good home cooked meal.

4. I start my weeks on Wednesday.. Why? Because that's when sales start at the grocery stores and when I can get bottom line prices. So I'll examine the sales papers.. grab my coupons then I'll set up my game plan and venture out!!!

This one I haven't done yet.. BUT it may just have to be tip #5!!!

5. Have y'all done the curbside pick up at your local grocery stores? I haven't tried it yet BUT I'm seriously considering it since it would make impulse buying a lot harder!!!!

I've been meal planning for a while and just the amount of money I save per week doing this is amazing!!! AND we don't hardly ever eat out anymore!!! Win win!!!

I hope this helps you start your journey to meal planning.. By the way.. I made Cajun Chicken Pasta tonight and OMG!! SO GOOD!!! Comment for recipe!! :)