Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Meal Planning-- 101!

Hey y'all,

So lets be real.. we all get into ruts where it's so much easier to go grab something to eat out. I know I get like that but every time I regret it after I see what it does to our bank account.. Point Blank.. eating out is so expensive. I've ALWAYS loved to cook but my love for cooking really grew when I started to meal plan and explore new things to cook. -- and it helps that my sweet hubby gets off at 2 pm everyday now :) Yes, I said 2 p.m. Ya'll we have NEVER had dinners together all week like we get to now.. in the 9 years we've been together and the 5 years we have been parents together. I'm still adjusting ;) Best adjustment ever!!!

So here are some tips on how I meal plan :)

1: WRITE IT DOWN! -- I bought a calendar on Amazon that I absolutely love! I love writing what I'm going to make for the whole week on this calendar.. Best part.. its magnetic and it fits perfectly on the front of my fridge.

2. I plan around what I have existing in my fridge, freezer and pantry. -- meats, pastas, canned goods whatever it may be... I do run into times when I have to make bigger grocery trips to get the staple items stocked back up in my pantry.

3. Plan it and stick to it. This was the biggest thing I had to overcome.. Sure it sounded good and looked good written down but I wasn't planning properly so I wouldn't have all the ingredients I needed or I was to "tired" to cook and would order out or go grab a $5 hot-n-ready! BAD! So bad.. there is nothing like a good home cooked meal.

4. I start my weeks on Wednesday.. Why? Because that's when sales start at the grocery stores and when I can get bottom line prices. So I'll examine the sales papers.. grab my coupons then I'll set up my game plan and venture out!!!

This one I haven't done yet.. BUT it may just have to be tip #5!!!

5. Have y'all done the curbside pick up at your local grocery stores? I haven't tried it yet BUT I'm seriously considering it since it would make impulse buying a lot harder!!!!

I've been meal planning for a while and just the amount of money I save per week doing this is amazing!!! AND we don't hardly ever eat out anymore!!! Win win!!!

I hope this helps you start your journey to meal planning.. By the way.. I made Cajun Chicken Pasta tonight and OMG!! SO GOOD!!! Comment for recipe!! :)

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